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7 Unusual Reasons To Plan A Road Trip Now!

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Road trips are arguably the best way to get away from it all. Yet there are times when traveling is not possible. Like right now.

But does that mean we should stop planning the next road trip? Hardly. Here are 7 reasons to start plotting your next getaway.

Ok, let’s address the elephant in the room. No one is traveling right now. Who needs to be planning a road trip?!

Granted,  there are two good reasons not to go on a road trip right now. Albeit very good reasons. The first one is that elephant in the room. The second one is the economic fallout that has accompanied it. 

But does that mean that we shouldn’t plan a road trip right now? Absolutely not. In fact below we have listed only the top 7 reasons you should.

To be clear, I am not recommending that anyone travel until it is safe to do so. Until this thing stabilizes, we don’t want to contribute to the spread of the virus. However, planning a road trip may be just the escape you are looking for.

In the meantime, check out this list of things to do when you can’t travel.

Without further ado, here are the top 7 reasons to plan a road trip right now:

1. Planning a road trip will keep you normal(ish)

Someone needs to tell you. You’re getting weird. We all are.

And it’s more than just the not-wearing-pants thing. I swear that the first sign of dementia appears when we log into a web meeting. You realize it wasn’t that complicated a few months ago, right?

But don’t worry. We are all in the same boat. How do we fix it before we become the strangest generation in history?

You need to arrange your own intervention. Stop watching the news for a day. Nothing is changing anytime soon. If you want to take back a little control in your life, start making plans. And not Doomsday plans. I mean start thinking of good things to do after this whole thing has been resolved.

You will find that just by settling on a destination you will begin to relax just a bit. And with a little practice, you may even be able to put down the remote control for more than twenty seconds. Without a pry bar. 

2. Traveling helps you to chill out

This ties in with #1. Especially once you start exploring the things you can do outside once again. That’s right. Outside!

Beyond the four walls you have isolated yourself in, nature still thrives. You remember how a hike through the woods feels, right? Or jumping into a cool mountain lake? Or grass?

But it turns out, you don’t even have to go outside to start feeling the benefits. Studies actually show that pictures alone can be beneficial for our health. According to, “just looking at still images of nature is enough ‘natural’ stimulus to lower our stress levels.” 

That’s right. Just browsing destinations on Pinterst may start to take the edge off. Here, try this one:

plan a road trip like this one in alberta amazing attraction banff mountain reflecting alpine glow onto pristine blue lake
Photo by James Wheeler on

Feeling better already, huh?

Ready for the next reason?

3. Your future self will thank you. 

When it is finally safe to travel, you’ll want to hit the ground running. When all of the preparations are already made you will be out the door in no time enjoying the freedom of the open road. 

Now is the time to work out all of the details. Routes, maps, snacks. Where are you going to stay? If you already know where you are going, you will be the first to reserve that campground or book that Airbnb.

For ideas, check out our article 7 Best Road Trips in America.

4. Your family will thank you. 

And no, it’s not because you are going solo. You are actually taking them with you. And you will like it.

I know that’s hard to imagine. But trust me, you will want to be around them once they have gotten outside again. And they won’t be as afraid of you anymore once they see your own metamorphosis is complete.

Don’t believe me? Read this family’s description of a road trip in Costa Rica! They seem pretty happy to me.

5. You want to travel, but it’s too soon to fly

While we love road trips all around the world, travel restrictions are gonna be funny for a while. Rather than eliminating all vacation plans, we can get what we need in our own backyard. 

The truth is, there are plenty of advantages of driving over flying. Don’t believe me?

Here are 21 reasons that a road trip is better than flying

This doesn’t mean that we will never fly again. In fact, some of our favorite road trips have been outside of the USA

We will cover some of our favorite international road trips in future posts. In the meantime, there are some amazing places to discover domestically.

6. The world is bigger than you think

Let’s face it. There have been times that you have gone out with friends on a Friday night. But all you really wanted to do was stay at home and watch Netflix. 

You finally got all of the justification you needed to live out that little fantasy for many months. How is that going now?

“Sometimes the dream is better than the real thing.”

Country Camper, Animal Liberation Orchestra

In reality all of this isolation makes our world very small. When mapping out how far we want to go, that world begins to expand rapidly. It encompasses places and opens up possiblilties. It introduces us to people that simply don’t exist in our small circle. 

Plus, you’re a great person. Do you really want to deprive all of those swell people from making your acquaintance? I didn’t think so.

7. The world is smaller than you think. 

This sounds counter logical to point #2. But hear me out. 

As that circle begins to expand, we meet new people in new places doing new things. And suddenly, everyone everywhere starts to seem, well…normal. (Or just as weird as we are, depending on your perspective). 

The world is not as big and scary as we had imagined. People are people no matter where you go. We have way more in common than we thought. 

Ready to Start Exploring?

We have barely covered the surface of why you should plan a road trip. But hopefully this is enough to get you started.

As time goes on, it will be safe to travel again. And when it is, you will want to hit the open road as soon as possible.

To help you, we are publishing as many guides, checklists, and resources to make the planning as simple as possible. Like this introduction to car camping on a road trip. If you would like to get updated on our latest blog posts, be sure to sign up for our newsletter.

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Here are 3 bonus reasons for planning a trip:

  1. Planning is part of the trip. Once you start imagining, you are well on your way.
  1. You will appreciate the size of your house/apartment when you get back. After some time in the car, you actually won’t mind being back home again. 
  1. You can start showering again. Although it has been an effective way to encourage others to keep physical distance, there are more socially acceptable ways. 

Want to know when it is safe to travel in the USA? Helpful state-by-state updates are compiled at the CDC website

Planning on a trip to Canada? Right now, unless you have an immediate Canadian family member and plan on a fourteen day quarantine it is best to postpone your trip for a later date.

Keep up to date on Canada’s official website for current policy during the pandemic.

The end of the driveway is the start of the road. We will see you on it!

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