21 Best Camping Axes 2021: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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There are a few tools that have been in backcountry kits for thousands of years. Every country in the world has a history of woodsmen carrying their axes into the forest and providing the basic building blocks of society: Fire and shelter.

But when they needed to carry all of their equipment into the backwoods, they had to make some sacrifices. When it came to the axe, you wouldn’t leave it behind. You would simply make it shorter. Thus the hatchet became a necessary part of outdoor living and indeed modern day camping.

So an axe isn’t just a tool or an accessory. It is a connection to the past. Vintage axes sell for just as much or more than brand new ones. And why is that?

There are a few reasons: Nostalgia, durability, and personalization. 

First, nostalgia. And not just the connection through ancient ancestors. It reminds you of your dad’s or grandpa’s growing up. It was his constant companion on camping trips or around the fireplace. Every scratch in the head and every nick in the handle is a tattoo or a battle scar. 

And now you want to write your own story from the campfire. One that your kids or grandkids will admire one day. 

So an axe is an investment. Not just as a tool, but as a journal. That means it will be with you for a long time. So, how do you choose the best one? 

As with any investment, it takes customized research. What are your priorities? Do you want a cheap one you can toss into your toolbox? Do you want a lightweight option for backpacking? Or are you looking for the highest quality craftsmanship?

Whatever your priorities, read this guide before making this investment your axe and hatchet. Your future self will thank you for it.

Best Camping Axes 2021

Best Camping Hatchets 2021

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