The Best Camping in Africa

Part 5 Of The Series: The Best Camping Around The World

The Best Camping in Africa is a compilation of 3 of the most intrepid outdoor travel writers today.

As we have done throughout the rest of this series, we have incorporated the help of experts in the field. In this case, camping in Africa.

We are excited to publish this as much to introduce you to the possible adventures as to introduce you to these great writers.

Hopefully they inspire you to take your own camping trip into one of Africa’s incredible wildernesses.

Lake Naivasha, Kenya

by Nadine Murphy at The Expat Mummy 

Photo credit: Nadine from The Expat Mummy

Lake Naivasha is nestled at the bottom of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley.  Of the many soda lakes in a rift that is peppered with sleeping volcanoes, Naivasha is one of the few that are freshwater. The lake is fed from the Aberdare’s in the north and is home to over 500 hippos, water birds and fish, not to mention the giraffe, zebra, gazelle, buffalo and occasional leopard that come to drink the water.   

Camping at Lake Naivasha is to wake to the sound of the fish eagle and fall asleep to the honk of hippos.  This is Kenya, so no fences are put between your tent and one of the biggest killers of mankind in the world.  Instead, the campsite owners hope you come with common sense and a pinch of bravery. 

Sanctuary Farm sits right on the edge of the lake in a private conservancy that is filled with many of Kenya’s safari animals.  Each year the lake rises and the campsite is pushed further back towards the road. In 2021 the lake flooded the restaurant and swimming pool both of which are being rebuilt.  There is nothing quite like lounging by a pool next to a pod of hippos or waking up to the striped behind of a zebra.  

Campers can hire boats that take them out on the lake. Boatmen drive their canoes dangerously close to the hippos who for the most part ignore you, but it’s all part of the thrill. 

There are washing facilities, toilets and firepits but nothing else provided.  You are here for the proximity to wildlife and the serenity that is found next to the still waters under the shade of fever trees. Lake Naivasha is a sleepy dream, a place of peace and nature. One of the best campsites in Kenya.

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Brukkaros volcano, Namibia

by Maartje & Sebastiaan from The Orange Backpack

Photo credit: Maartje & Sebastiaan from The Orange Backpack

When looking for the best camping spots around the world, you might not think a volcano would be an option. But in Namibia it is! Camping on the Brukkaros volcano is something people rarely do, as this off-the-beaten-track destination isn’t well covered in blogs or travel books. But it’s one of the best things to do when driving around Namibia with your 4×4 and rooftop tent.

As public transport in Namibia is rare, a self-drive trip with a 4×4 is the most popular way to explore the country. You could stay in lodges, but the best way to fully experience this vast and stunning country is by adding a rooftop tent to your 4×4. There are beautiful camping spots all over the country, but the one at the Brukkaros volcano beats them all.

You can drive up the extinct volcano with your 4×4 – a regular 2WD won’t do, as the dirt road is quite rough and rocky. You’ll pass some camping spots at the base of the volcano, but you’ll want to drive all the way up to the last three camping spots. These spots are the remains of a deserted campsite. There aren’t any facilities left – just some walls to park your car next to for shelter – so you won’t have a shower, toilet, running water or electricity. Bring everything you need with you, including lots and lots of water as temperatures in Namibia can be high and you might want to use it to shower as well.

The reward will be one of the most beautiful places to camp around the world. You can hike to the crater, where you’ll see rock formations and trees. Or you can climb up even further to the ruins of an old observatory. But even if you just stay with your car and tent, you’ll have the best experience you could wish for. You’ll have stunning views of the Namibia desert and the starry night sky is the best.

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Sossus Oasis, Namibia

by Alya from Stingy Nomads

Photo credit: Alya from The Stingy Nomads

Camping in the middle of the Namib desert is an incredible experience. Sossus Oasis Campsite situated at the entrance to Sossusvlei National Park is one of our favorite campsites in Namibia. The campsite has 12 spacious camping spots. Each spot has a private ablution complex and a kitchenette, roofed BBQ, and dining area. There is a restaurant and a swimming pool with a shaded deck where campers can cool down. Oasis Campsite is a perfect place to relax after a long drive through the desert and to meet other travelers.

Most people come here to visit the impressive red sand dunes of Sesriem and the dried salt pan of Sossusvlei. Both are less than an hour’s drive from the campsite. There are other activities that are available for travelers at Sossus Oasis, from guided walks and quad bike drives through the desert, to sandboarding and hot air balloon rides. Watching the sun rising over the desert from the top of one of the dunes is not to miss here. At night guests can enjoy the tranquility of the Namib desert, the incredible night sky with millions of bright stars, and the occasional sounds of wildlife. 

Camping at Sossus Oasis is very affordable US$26 per site for up to 4 people.


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Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

by Joanna from The World In My Pocket

One of the most unique places to camp in the world is the Serengeti National Park, in Tanzania. Camping in Serengeti National Park is magical, as during the night, the wild animals come into the camp and you can hear them roaming around outside of your tent. At the beginning of the night, you will hear the hyenas, which are trying to reach the rubbish the cooks have locked inside the kitchen. During the early hours of the morning zebras and antelopes graze between the tents. Don’t worry though, it is perfectly safe to camp in the savannah, as the wild animals are not interested in the tents. 

The camping parks in Serengeti have all the facilities tourists need, including extremely clean toilets and showers. Some even have hot water. The electricity is not the best, but usually tourists charge their equipment in the safari vehicles. During the day, there is always someone in the camp, as people come and go and the cooks are preparing food in the kitchen. During the night, when everyone goes to sleep, you can hear the sounds of the savannah so clear. Sometimes, you can even hear lions roaring. Even if they seem close, they are usually quite far from the camp.


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Wrap Up Of The Best Camping In Africa

Talk about a bucket list! If you are looking for adventure, one of these camp sites has to be on the top of your list.

We want to thank each of these travel writers for lending their talent to this post. Each of them is an expert in outdoor travel and we are privileged to have their suggestions on the best camping in Africa.

Please take the time to follow their links to their respective websites. You have merely sampled a taste of their expertise from a smorgasbord of adventure. Go check them out!

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