The Best Camping Spots in UAE


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From time to time we have guest writers give us some in-depth perspective of outdoor travel around the world. This post is one that we are excited for you to read.

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We are happy to introduce Neha Singh, our featured guest author this week. Neha is the founder of DubaiWikia, a one-stop resource for Dubai travel.

She is going to cover some of the best camping spots in UAE for us. And I think you’ll see a whole new perspective on the Emirates as an outdoor adventure destination. Take it away Neha!

Best Camping Spots in UAE 

One wonders why a UAE experience is limited to epic attractions and iconic landmarks. This Middle Eastern destination has fascinating locations to experience adventure, not just extreme adventures but also mild, pleasant experiences, such as camping.

Camping in the UAE is an unforgettable experience, especially for those looking for a way to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and simply enjoy the beauty of nature.

The expansive Arabian deserts are the first preferred choice, but the pristine shores of the Persian Gulf also offer a serene haven to spend a night listening to waves and feeling at peace under a sequined starry sky.

Almost all the emirates of the UAE have a great selection of campsites to explore. If you are keen on experiencing a camping trip on a UAE visit, here are a few suggestions as to where you can find the best spots to relax in tranquil settings. 

Al Qudra Lakes, The Best Camping in Dubai

Al-Qudra-Lake Best Camping Spots in UAE
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Dubai’s Al Qudra Lakes has also become a popular new camping spot away from the throngs of city life.

Located only 30 minutes away from Dubai city, this artificial oasis greets you with manmade lakes surrounded by golden dunes for a serene desert experience the whole family can enjoy.

It provides an idyllic spot for stargazing due to the clear skies at night. Many activities to enjoy here includes bird-watching, barbecue picnics by the lake, cycling the Al Qudra cycling track, and staying overnight amid the serene oasis. 

Camping at Caravan Al Zorah, Ajman

The Best Camping in UAE includes Al-Zorah-Ajman

Ajman, the smallest emirate in the UAE, is commonly overlooked in comparison to other UAE emirates.

Yet, the emirate is known for its uncrowded settings, making it ideal for those trying to escape big city life. The Al Zorah beach particularly is one of the finest uncrowded beaches to visit in the UAE.

There is a unique camping site by the sea in the area, Caravan Al Zorah – overlooking the Persian Gulf and its bright blue waters. This large campground with fully equipped caravans on the beachside is apt for visitors who like to camp, but want some comfort amenities too.

In addition to the camping activities, horseback riding and kayaking are available to enjoy. The advantage of these camping grounds is that you do not have to bring your own camping gear since they provide you with a sturdy caravan with adequate comforts.

This is one of the most convenient ways to experience outdoor camping in UAE without having to pack a lot of gear and enjoy it in a convenient way.  

Overnight Desert experience in Dubai

Overnight-Desert-Safari-Neha-Singh-Dubai-Wikia Best Camping in Dubai

Quite obviously, Dubai’s deserts are most popular among UAE visitors. The vast expanse of golden-hued sand dunes transforms into an adventure playground during the day offering an amazing array of desert sports such as dune bashing, sandboarding, camel rides to name a few.

At dusk, the whole aura changes and the landscape hushes down into a mellow, serene ambience. Dubai’s deserts have always been a great choice as a destination for camping in UAE.

 An overnight Desert Safari Dubai tour ticks all the right boxes to offer an experience filled with adventure thrills, Arabian folklore, BBQ dinners, and a tranquil night spent in Bedouin-style tents right in the middle of the vast Arabian desert. 

Jebel Jais Camping sites

Camping in Jebel-Jais-Neha-Singh-Dubai-Wikia

Another one of the best camping UAE spots to explore for outdoor enthusiasts is Jebel Jais – the highest peak in the nation.

Jebel Jais offers a range of outdoor adventures and recreational activities for visitors. It is located Ras Al Khaimah which is hailed as the adventure capital of the UAE.

The whole experience, however, can leave you weary, yet thrilled and wanting more at the same time. Rather than returning to a city hotel, spend an overnight at one of the camping spots to experience the beauty of the natural setting.

Jebel Jais offers various campsites with spectacular viewpoints of the rugged terrains. There are dedicated spots for barbeque and picnicking and offers vast spaces to pitch a tent along with all essential facilities and car parking. 

Hatta Camping spots

Hatta Camping is some of the top ways to camp in UAE

Take a detour from the sights of Dubai city and drive to the Hatta Wadi Hub – a dedicated spot in the Hatta mountain for a refreshing camping experience in the UAE.

The Hatta mountain area is the preferred weekend destination for locals who want to soak up some of nature’s peaceful beauty and explore outdoor activities.

Camping at Hatta is a popular recreational pastime, and visitors would enjoy the rugged terrain and shallow brooks just as much as locals do.

Moreover, Hatta is the first region in UAE to offer trailer hotels to those who wish to camp without lugging their camping equipment around with them.

It is one of the best ways to spend a memorable camping trip not too far away from Dubai city. 

Liwa, Abu Dhabi Camping

Best camping in UAE includes liwa
Photo by Gantaro on Unsplash

Golden, sun-drenched dunes dotted with desert wilderness stretches as far as the eye can see at Liwa, Abu Dhabi.

Located west of Abu Dhabi, this large desert oasis is a great place to go camping, and Empty Quarters is a popular choice for this outdoor activity.

Bonus: Getting to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Dunes in Liwa Abu Dhabi are some of the tallest in the world, which makes dune bashing an adrenaline-pumping experience.

Even though there are many desert adventures and activities that can be enjoyed, the ultimate soothing experience awaits after dark when the whole landscape is plunged into total darkness except for the twinkling stars overhead and the glow from the campfires.

Having enjoyed this unique UAE camping spot and its sunsets, you will remember it long after your UAE vacation has ended.  

ConclusionThe Best Camping in UAE

Nothing beats a couple of days spent in solitude and peace under a canopy of stars,  basking in the smell of a campfire. Outskirts of main city limits in UAE are flanked by gorgeous rugged terrain, colossal expanses of sand dunes, and warm waters of the Persian Gulf.

These are perfect to escape the city buzz by enjoying quality time on day picnics and unwinding later in peaceful tents for overnight stays.

A camping trip in UAE is a great way to step away from the hustle-bustle of the city and enjoy life to its fullest.

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