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The 17 Best Camping Beds for Kids in 2023

If you’re looking for the best kids camping bed, you’ve come to the right place.

by Julie from Family Trips and Travels

Do you remember what it was like to go on a camping trip as a kid? Sleeping in a tent, cooking over a fire, and spending time outdoors surrounded by nature – it’s an unforgettable experience.

Now you want to create those same memories for your kids. But things are a little more complicated when packing for them, especially when car camping. If you want them to enjoy the whole experience as much as you did, you definitely want them to have a good night’s sleep – it’s better for everyone.

That’s why we put this list together. To help you narrow down all of the options down to the top 17. Here we have explored the top choices for the different age groups. So, whether you are looking for the best camping cots for kids, inflatable beds for your older kids, or the best toddler travel bed, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s get right into it!

Please Note: Inflatable air mattresses are not recommended for infants under 15 months old by the CPSC. Please research the age requirements as well as any health and safety requirements for each of these products. Your child’s safety should take precedence over any feature benefits. 

Our Top 3 Recommendations:

Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed, Includes Fitted Sheet, Royal Blue , 48x24x9 Inch (Pack of 1)

Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed, Includes Fitted Sheet, Royal Blue , 48x24x9 Inch (Pack of 1)

Check Price on Amazon
Exped MegaMat 10 Duo | Self-Inflating Camping Mat for Two | Extremely Comfortable & Luxurious Sleeping Pad, Green, Medium

Exped MegaMat 10 Duo | Self-Inflating Camping Mat for Two | Extremely Comfortable & Luxurious Sleeping Pad, Green, Medium

Check Price on Amazon
Therm-a-Rest MondoKing 3D Self-Inflating Foam Camping Mattress, Standard Valve (2018 Model), Large - 77 x 25 Inches , Blue Depths

Therm-a-Rest MondoKing 3D Self-Inflating Foam Camping Mattress, Standard Valve (2018 Model), Large - 77 x 25 Inches , Blue Depths

Check Price on Amazon
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It’s tough to choose a single best overall kid’s camping bed because this changes as they grow. But, the Kid-O-Bunk is a clear winner for the highest rated on the list. And we think it is going to be the camping bed your kids will love for the longest time before they outgrow it.

17 Best Camping Beds for Kids

Of course, there are tons of other options for portable beds for kids. Depending on the age and size of your kid, one of the camping beds below may be a much better choice for your family.

So, be sure to scan through this list to find the perfect bed for your little ones. You can rest well knowing that your kids are resting well.

1 Best for Growing Family – Kid-0-Bunk

As we mentioned, the Kid-O-Bunk is the best choice overall and the best option for families with 2 kids. It’s a space-saving way to pack your kids into the tent in the smallest footprint possible.

The unique design packs up easily but can be configured as a bunk bed, a small futon bench, or two separate camping cots.

This seems like a pretty good idea for parents trying to fit a house full of people and things into a much smaller tent. (How do such little people take up so much space?)

Just make sure that the kid on the top bunk is sufficiently potty trained at night…Or not, if you want them to grow up with their own camping stories.

The only major downside is the weight. At 45 lbs, you’ll be lugging around a pretty big piece of camping gear. 

For teenagers and young adults, try the Large Disco-Bunk.

Size: 34” x 16”

Bed Weight: 45 lbs

Weight Limit: 200 lbs


  • Space Saving
  • Converts to 2 beds or a futon


  • Heavy
  • The top bunk does not stop pee

2 Best Kid’s First Cot – Regalo My Cot

This is the perfect little travel cot for younger children. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, is made with a high-quality steel frame, and is a good budget option for a kid’s camping bed.

The only downside compared to the others on this list is the size and weight limits. At 48″ long with a 75 lb max weight limit, your kids will outgrow this camping cot sooner than you may want.

But at this price point, it’s not a huge investment loss. All things considered, this is the best camping cot for little kids to graduate.

Size: 48″L x 24″W x 9″H

Bed Weight: 6.25 lbs

Weight Limit: 75 lbs


  • Cot keeps kids off the ground
  • Inexpensive


Small size and weight limit

3 Best for Keeping Kids Close – Exped Megamat Duo

The first thing I have to point out is that this thing is expensive! But, when you read the specs on it, the Megamat is an incredible camp bed. 

The Duo is big enough for two people. So, if you have very small children that you would feel more comfortable sleeping with you, make sure everyone is comfortable.

Or if your kids are going to share a bed, this is one of the warmest and best insulated inflatable mattresses on the market. It is self-inflating for ease of use, but also comes with a mini foot pump if you want to add just a bit more firmness.

Size: 9.6″L x 5.5″W x 22.3″T

Bed Weight: 5 lbs

Weight Limit: 2 adults


  • Keeps babies and toddlers close
  • Very comfortable 
  • Well insulated


  • Expensive
  • Could get too warm for summer camping
  • Not a dedicated kids camping bed

4 For Tight Quarters – Therm-a-Rest MondoKing 3D

Just as with the Exped Megamat, this is a large self-inflating camping pad. And the reason it makes our list is for parents with very small children that they would prefer to keep close by at night. 

The upside to the Therm-a-Rest is the price point. At about a hundred dollars less, it may be a more tenable option for parents to introduce their kids to camping.

The bonus is that when the kids are big enough for their own bed, you will still have a very comfortable camp bed for years to come. 

And with a packed-down size of 7”x26”, it won’t take up a lot of packing space.

Size: 77”x25”

Bed Weight: 5.5 lbs

Weight Limit: Two adults+


  • Keeps babies and toddlers close
  • More affordable than Exped Megamat
  • Packs down very small


  • R-8 insulation can get warm in summer
  • Not a dedicated kid’s bed

5 Best for Backpacking With Baby – Nemo Roamer Double Sleeping Pad

So far, we have given options for sleeping with your baby. However, the two above are very large and ideal for car camping.

But if you are an adventurous family that wants to introduce your kids to backpacking. Or if you just like to pack light, this is the perfect camping bed for young families.

The double Roamer is wide enough to make room for the little one without kicking you onto the ground. 

It’s a little pricey, but well worth the investment if you want to get a good night’s sleep for everyone. Especially after a long day on the trail.

Size: 78” x 52” x 4”

Bed Weight: 7.5 lbs

Weight Limit: Not listed


  • Packs small
  • Keeps baby nearby


  • Not as much cushion as the bigger beds
  • Heavy for a backpacking pad

6 First Camp Crib – Guava Lotus Travel Crib

This is the first of the travel cribs we review. If you want to take your youngest baby out for their first time camping, you will want to make sure that they have a safe sleeping area. 

It is slightly suspended and comes with a cushy mattress. The quiet side zipper allows for easy access, more for the baby to crawl in and out than for you to put them in. 

This packable travel crib folds into a convenient backpack carry case for ease of packing and storing when not in use. It’s simple to set up and takedown. And the sturdy construction is fit for the rigors of the outdoors.

Size: 42” x 32” x 25”

Bed Weight: 11 lbs

Weight Limit: infants


  • Perfect for babies and infant’s first camping trip
  • Convenient backpack carrying case


  • Only for infants up to 3 years old
  • The mattress is a bit thin

7. Easy to Pack – Milliard Portable Toddler Travel Bed

There comes a time when your toddler has outgrown the travel crib and is ready for their own camp bed. But they’re not quite ready for a cot or air mattress.

The Millard toddler travel bed is the perfect transition between the two. This option gives them a cozy bed with side rails, just to keep them from rolling off in the night. 

It is lightweight and easy enough to set up. And it folds into a 14-½” x 25” x 27” box for convenient packing. With enough room inside for a few of the nap essentials. A good option when looking for a portable bed for your kids.

It’s one of the best foldable beds that’s just the right size for toddlers.

Size: 55” x 26” x 7”

Bed Weight: 10 lbs

Weight Limit: Not stated


  • Secure camp bed for older toddlers
  • Easy to assemble


  • A bit large for packing

8 Comfy Blow Up Air Mattress – Hiccapop Toddler Camping Bed

The Hiccapop Toddler Bed is a two-piece inflatable bed with rails. It comes with an electric pump that will have it aired up in about 30 seconds. 

The removable inner mattress is separate from the bed frame which makes putting the sheets on super easy. That alone makes it one of the best toddler camping beds!

It is built extra long and extra wide to help prevent accidental roll out. The side rails are a little more robust for wild sleepers than the Millard. Plus it packs into a much smaller carrying bag.

And the weight limit is double the Shrunks at 310 lbs. Which, is about the force exerted by a 2-year-old when jumping on your belly.

All in all, it’s one of our favorite inflatable travel beds on the list.

Size: 62” x 39” x 12”

Bed Weight: 8 lbs

Weight Limit: 310 lbs


  • 2 piece design makes for easy setup
  • Lightweight
  • Heavy duty


  • Can be difficult to inflate
  • Some typical air mattress “squeak” 

9 Best Kids Backpacking Pad – KLYMIT Static V Sleeping Pad

Backpacking with kids is a whole different level than car camping. You’re looking to shave weight and bulk at every turn. 

As your kids get older, they may be ready for their own camping pad. The Klymit Static V is a lightweight, more packable version of the Hiccapop above… with the usual sacrifices incumbent from backpacking.

Like eschewing the side rails, slightly thinner materials, and no electric pump. 

But that’s well worth the trade-off of sleeping in the backwoods. And they won’t have to trade comfort for bulk savings.

The v-chambers are designed for even air distribution. It’s a good choice for a backpacking air mattress. Or use it as a mattress pad for a kids camping cot.

Plus at 72” long, this could last well into adulthood. Who knows, you may even get one for yourself.

Size: 72” x 23” x 2.5”

Bed Weight: 18.6 oz

Weight Limit: Adult sized


  • Quick set up
  • Lightweight
  • Easily packable


  • No side rails
  • Not self-inflating

10 Budget Camp Cot – REDCAMP Folding Kids Cot

We’ve listed a couple of cots already. They make a great portable travel bed for bigger kids and adults. So, why not get one that they can grow into?

Obviously, your child will have to be a little older to sleep off of the ground. And not be too active of a sleeper.

But, when they are ready for their first cot, Redcamp is a good company to go with. We have featured them in our other camping cot guides. And for good reason.

They balance quality and affordability. It features a thick canvas mat that is pretty durable yet flexible. And it has some handy organizers for all of the important camping items – flashlight, headlamp, rocks, snacks, sticks…

Their kid’s camping cot comes with an easily folded steel frame. And it folds down to about 29” x 7.5” x 9” with its own carrying case. Not too big for packing. And 11 lbs isn’t too heavy to load and unload.

Size: 53” x 26” x 12”

Bed Weight:11.6 lbs

Weight Limit: 220 lbs


  • Easy setup
  • Off the ground sleeping


  • Only for bigger kids
  • Will need a sleeping mat in colder weather

11. Best for Nap Time – SlumberPod 

So many parents love the Slumber Pod. While it is great for camping at night, it is perfect for little naps during the day. 

To be clear it’s not an actual bed, but a canopy to go over most of the camping beds in this article. 

It has air vents and a spot for a baby monitor. It sets up and packs up quickly, which is super helpful during emergency naps. 

With its own carrying bag and only weighing 5 lbs, it could be the perfect addition for your baby.

The only drawback is that it can get warm in the summer months. It would be best to keep out of direct sunlight and add a fan to keep your little growing furnace cool.

Size: 50” x 36” x 56”

Bed Weight: 5 lbs

Weight Limit: None


  • Easy setup
  • Baby monitor opening


  • Can get hot in the summer
  • Only a canopy for a camping bed

12. Best Beach Bed – Kilofly Toddler Pop Up

The kilofly toddler large travel bed is perfect for keeping your baby comfortable and safe from the sun. Made of certified non-toxic, lead-free material, this baby travel bed features breathable mesh on all four sides for maximum airflow. 

It’s also quick and easy to set up – just pop it open and use the included tent pegs to keep it securely fixed. When you’re done, simply fold it up and stow it away in the included carrying bag. 

And with a UPF of 35+, it’ll keep your baby’s sensitive skin out of direct sunlight, even on the beach. 

Size: 52” x 32-½” x 23-½”

Bed Weight: 1.5 lbs

Weight Limit: Baby


  • Sun protection
  • Ventilation


  • Folding and stowing can be cumbersome
  • Not big enough for teenagers

13. Great Nap Option With Ventilation – KidCo PeaPod

The Kidco Peapod is the perfect travel bed for children six months to three years old. It’s lightweight and easy to set up, with a mesh fabric that provides airflow and keeps insects out. 

The included micro-Lite sleeping pad is pre-assembled and ready to use, making setting up camp even easier. Plus, the anchor straps can be staked down to keep the Peapod in place.

It has better airflow than the Kilofly, but not as much sun protection. So choose the one that fits your camping style.

The popup style is a real bonus. It folds into an easy-to-carry, small disc that can fit as easily in a backpack as it can for any travel style.

Size: 14-½” x 4” x 15”

Bed Weight: 2.5 lbs

Weight Limit: Toddler


  • Good ventilation
  • Easy popup style


  • Not as good of sun protection as the Kilofly
  • Not for babies under 1-year-old

14 Best Budget Air Bed for Kids – Asani Inflatable Toddler Camping Bed

Asani makes a soft and comfortable inflatable toddler bed. It’s made of super-soft velvet flocking, which helps keep the sheet in place. 

It also features protective bumpers on both sides to keep your child safe and comfortable. The seams are reinforced and the valves are heavy-duty to prevent the dreaded slow air leak.

It comes with an electric pump, a carry case, a pillow, a patching kit, and a small stuffed animal. Just a few nice touches to take on the family camping trip.

And since it is inflatable, it packs up nicely and is small. Especially considering how big it is when inflated. 

Size: 61” x 38” x 11”

Bed Weight: 10 lbs

Weight Limit: 310 lbs


  • Inflatable
  • Soft and secure


  • Toddler air mattress can be squeaky
  • Not great insulation for cold weather

15 High Quality Crib – BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light

The BabyBjorn travel crib makes a good camping bed for the littlest ones. 

It’s actually very similar in design to the Guava Lotus, but some parents thought the build quality of this one was a little bit better. It does lack the side zipper door, but most parents didn’t seem to use that as much as the baby did to crawl in and out.

It is a little more pricey, but this is the combo set that comes with the fitted sheet. It has a soft foam mattress and packs up fairly easily. 

In fact, the whole thing folds down into its own carrying case to about 5” x 30” x 25” and can fit into standard overhead bins on most commercial planes. 

Of course, it is a little bulkier to bring camping. But then again, the younger they are the more stuff you have to bring anyway. 

In the end, it is worth it to have the peace of mind your little bundle of joy is as safe and happy camping as they are in their own bed at home. 

Size: 44” x 24” x 32”

Bed Weight: 13 lbs

Weight Limit: Not stated


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up and pack away


  • A little more pricey than the Guava Lotus
  • No side entrance for your baby

16 Popular Option – Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed

We wanted to include this one because it is a great portable toddler bed. But, because it is sold out, we can’t include it at the top of our list.

That said, Shrunks have created an award-winning camping bed with their unique design. It is an inflatable mattress for kids up to 5′ tall with some great features. 

Like their guard rails to keep your kids from rolling onto the cold ground. And their sheet-tuck system allows a standard-sized crib sheet to tuck into the inner mattress.

The soft flocking makes a comfortable sleep option while also reducing the noisy squeaks usually associated with air mattresses. And that’s definitely a good thing for everyone.

With the included pump, you’ll have the perfect bed set up in no time. Plus with the included carry bag, it’s easy to pack, port, and store.

Update: This was unavailable at the time of printing. Although it is one of the best selling camping beds for kids, we have to suggest another one.

As an alternative, try Intex Kids Travel Bed Set.

Size: 60″L x 37″W x 9″T

Weight Limit: 150 Pounds

Bed Weight: 7.5 Pounds


  • Guard rails
  • Fits standard crib sheets


  • Currently unavailable – We’ll keep you posted
  • Not as heavy-duty as the Asani or the Hiccapop

17 Little Camper’s Cot – Joovy Foocot

The Joovy Foocot is one of the best kid’s camping cots on this list. It’s made of sturdy steel and top grade nylon fabric. 

Like the Regalo My Cot, it can only support a child up to 75 pounds. And the same height limit of 48” means your kids will soon outgrow this. But then again, what won’t they outgrow? 

It folds ultra-small for travel convenience and comes with a travel bag made of the same high quality nylon. Plus, it has two side pockets to keep your kid’s camp trip necessities within reach.

With a camping pad and a sleeping bag, your kid will be all set to sleep in absolute comfort.

Size: 48” x 25” x 9-½”

Weight Limit: 75 lbs

Bed Weight: 6.5 lbs


  • Lightweight
  • Great for your kid’s first camping cot


  • Height and weight limit 
  • No sleeping pad included

17 Best Kid’s Camping Beds 

Here are all of the kid’s camping beds together. As you can see, they cover a variety of shapes and sizes. But one of them is bound to be the perfect size for you.

Things to Consider When Buying a Camping Bed for Kids

Tips for Kids Camping Beds


Safety is the most important aspect to consider when choosing a camping bed for your kid. As we mentioned, air mattresses are not for children under 15 months old according to the CSPSC.

Additionally, a camping cot is better suited for older kids that are less likely to roll out.


A camping cot may not be the best option in cold weather. At least, not without some sort of insulation. Find a good foam sleeping pad, use some extra blankets, or our favorite is a down comforter. 

When sleeping on an inflatable air mattress, the same principle applies. All of the air in the mattress is subject to the chill of the cold nights. Having a little insulation will help them have a good night’s sleep without the misery we all know too well.

The drawback is that too much insulation on top of the mattress can make them roll off of the bed. Find a soft solution, like a down comforter or a quilt underneath their sleep bag. You’ll be amazed by the difference it makes.


Finding a good camping bed includes one that is portable, packable, and simple.

It should be light enough that you don’t need a truck to haul it from the car to the campsite. And it should be set up and taken down in just a few simple steps.


Remember, you are sleeping outside with wild animals. And that’s just the kids!

Your kids will most likely put their camping bed through the same rigorous testing that they do on all of their toys.

Find a bed that balances quality material with all of the other features important to you.

4 Types of Camping Beds for Kids

As you can see, there are several different styles of camping beds fit for kids. Here are some of the ones that we covered:

Popup shade pods are more for temporary shelter for infants. No need to keep them at home. Bring your kids outdoors but keep them protected.

Camping cribs are made for little guys and girls. Especially if they are used to sleeping in a crib every night, they will feel right at home in one meant for camping and travel.

Camping cots including bunk beds are perfect when your kids get a little bigger and more independent. They are more of a true camping bed for kids.

Having a cot keeps them off of the hard ground. And it allows for a bit more storage underneath.

Inflatable camping beds are another style for bigger toddlers and kids. Designed like your guest bed at home, inflatable kid’s camping beds are perfectly designed with extra features to keep them safe and cozy.

Features to Look for in a Kids Camping Bed

Sturdiness is important. Especially with the camping cots. You probably won’t have trouble with them when they’re sleeping. But whatever bed it is will have to stand up to the inevitable ambitious kid-testing.

Size and Design are also important. You don’t want too big of a bed for your baby. And you want a little more protection. 

But you also don’t want one that is too small or lacks some design features. Like bed rails for the little guys, compatibility with standard bedding, or build quality to last for a couple of seasons at least. 

Portability and Storage as you know are incredibly important. Especially since the camping bed is only 1/1000th of the things you need to pack for a camping trip. And it will sit in storage most of the winter, so it doesn’t need to take up too much space. 

Ease of Setting Up and Packing Away is one of the most important features. After all, you want your camp set up to be as quick and pain-free as possible so you can get to the real reason you are there; to enjoy just a little time in nature while they are still young. 

Wrap Up – Best Camping Bed for Kids

Camping with your kids can be a great experience, but it’s important to make sure you have the right camping gear to keep them safe and comfortable. 

We’ve written this guide to help you choose the perfect camping bed for your little ones – one that is packable, simple, and durable. 

So whether you are a first-time camper or an experienced outdoorsman, read on for some helpful tips and advice. And don’t forget to check out our other camping gear guides for more information on tents, sleeping bags, cookware, and more!

And if you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We want your first camping trip with your little ones to be a memorable one – and we think with the right gear, it will be!


From time to time we have the privilege of hosting a guest contributor. We can’t claim to be experts in all areas. So we reach out to some of the best writers to give us a hand every once in a while.

In this case, we are honored to have Julie from Family Trips and Travels review our list of the top camping beds for kids. (Learn more about them below).

A mom of 3 that knows a thing or two about taking their kid’s camping, Julie was an invaluable help in putting this together.

Thanks for the help, Julie!

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