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Each month we will highlight a coffee we personally love. It could have been from a camping trip, a road trip, or just down the road. Whatever the case, we want to share our favorites with you and help you find the best coffee for your next vacation.

Each month a new one will appear on our home page. After that, they will be moved to this page to live in infamy!

Joshua Tree Coffee on Yucca plant
Coffee for Road Trips

June 2022 Featured Coffee

Joshua Tree is known for 3 things: One of the darkest skies in the lower 48 to backdrop the myriads stars each night.

And as the morning dawns, the daybreaks on a scattered forest of Joshua Trees.

The only thing that could possbly make this better is a warm cup of Bali Kintmani from Joshua Tree Coffee.

Single track coffee for camping
Coffee for Road Trips

May 2022 Featured Coffee

On a 2 night camping trip in October the Aspens were at the peak of their fall colors.

And waking up to a Single Speed Coffee was the only thing that could have made hiking among them any better.

Try a bag of their organic Sumatra roast (my personal favorite).

Or stop by for a fresh cup. Lillian had a bourbon barrel aged cold brew. Which she has not stopped raving about to this day.