Land Rover Experience – Learning Off-Road Driver Training

Land Rover Off-Road Driver Training

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Occasionally we come across a news source that we think our readers would like to know a bit more about.

This week we found out about the Land Rover Experience where almost anyone can take their off-road driver training.

This article was written by our guest author Kenny Leys from Wanderlust Pulse. As we haven’t tried this yet, we always want to bring an expert in the field for their advice.

We thought this experience would be great for anyone interested in off-roading, especially our friends that want to get into overlanding and off-road car camping.

Check out Kenny’s overview and see if you don’t immediately book your next off-road driving adventure training.

Land Rover Experience – Off-Road Driver Training


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Land Rover Experience is an off-road driving experience that you can do at Land Rover Experience sites around the world. Professional instructors teach you their off-road driving techniques.

This experience allows you to drive some of the most amazing Land Rovers models (such as the Land Rover Defender, Discovery, and Evoque) on some of the best tracks in the country. This blog post will focus on what it’s like to take this Land Rover experience and how you can learn off-road driving techniques!

What is the Land Rover Experience?

The Land Rover Experience is an off-road driving experience that you can do at dedicated Land Rover Experience sites that demonstrates the capabilities of a Land Rover.

Several instructors are present on these training grounds, making it an experience for all levels of drivers – whether it’s your first time in an SUV or looking to get more skilled in your off-road driving techniques.

What will I learn during the Land Rover Experience?

You’ll learn various off-road driving techniques from professional instructors, such as dealing with obstacles when going up steep hillsides and tips for climbing over rocks. You’ll also be advised about preparing your car before venturing off the beaten track, such as checking your tires are inflated to the correct pressure and not carrying unnecessary weight.

Additionally, you’ll learn about Land Rover’s various off-road features that make it easier to navigate rugged terrain: Hill Descent Control, Traction Control Systems with Electronic Differential Lockers, and Terrain Response System, designed for driving on different types of ground including snow or sand.

What are the benefits of Land Rover’s Off-Road Driving Training?

The Land Rover Experience is perfect if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush without any danger – because even when you get stuck in the mud, there’s always someone around to help push your car out!

We’ve listed all the benefits of the experience below:

  • The Land Rover Experience offers a wide range of off-road driving courses and experiences designed for novice drivers and advanced Land Rover enthusiasts. This experience helps you to be more comfortable in the car.
  • Land Rovers have been engineered to be able to handle any terrain, from snow or sand, so you’ll gain valuable skills that can help when venturing out on your own – for example, when you’re visiting Iceland with an all-terrain vehicle.
  • Experiences are led by expert instructors who will pass down their knowledge about how best to tackle difficult obstacles such as steep hillsides and rocks with confidence.
  • You’re able to try out various Land Rovers models (such as the Land Rover Defender, Discovery, and Evoque).

What is the Land Rover Adventure?

The Land Rover Adventure is an extension of the experience. It provides a safe foreign environment (such as the Champagne region, Andalusia villages, Corsica,…) to learn the skills and techniques to create your own adventure memories.

This adventure is perfect for everyone keen on learning more about Land Rovers and those interested in embarking on their own adventures across different terrains.

How do you sign up for an experience?

Head over to Land Rover’s website and find out more about the Land Rover Experience.

Or you can book your Land Rover Experience through Virgin Experiences Gifts.

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