TrunkMate Blitz Bed Review – The Modular SUV Bed Solution?

If you’re in search of the best trunkmate, your quest ends right here

In case you missed it, we introduced our readers to TrunkMate for the first time last year. I was intrigued when I stumbled across their website and reached out to the owner, Grant, for more information.

He was more than happy to help with an article I published where I gave what I thought was a pretty fair assessment of their flagship product they called the Elevation Bed.

I try to make it clear in that article, that I had not tried the product out. But from my background in woodworking and camping, I wanted to weigh in on the concept at the very least. 

Fast forward to this past fall. Grant and I met up on Zoom to discuss a collaboration. He was launching a new modular suv bed that he was excited to share. He and his team have designed a simpler trim line to their flagship model (More on that in a minute). 

First I want to take a moment and disclose that this is a sponsored article. However, under our agreement Grant has given full editorial rights to this article. In other words, he wants this to be an honest review of his product. 

This is a huge risk for a company launching a new product. Most companies want to control the narrative a bit to increase their odds of a favorable review. 

And that is why I agreed to trying this out. Anyone that is confident enough in their product to submit it for a no-holds-barred review must have a great product. 

As you will see, I really like the BlitzBed. But I also point out some things that could be improved…or at least things that are acceptable but not perfect. 

I’m getting ahead of myself. Now let me properly introduce you to the BlitzBed by TrunkMate!

What Is BlitzBed?

Blitz modular SUV bed
Seamless Comfort and Adventure

The BlitzBed is the little sibling of TrunkMate’s Elevation Bed. You can read the full article here or follow the link above for more details. 

In essence, the Elevation Bed is a fully customizable camping bed platform with versatile drawers that can be configured for a variety of functions. From camping and kitchen gear storage to a full camp kitchen, the Elevation is the top of the line camping platform bed. 

The BlitzBed on the other hand, is a slimmed down version of the Elevation platform. Rather than being custom fit to your specific vehicle, it is designed to be a more universal fit. 

It is available in 3 widths to accommodate any SUV, but it is only available in a standard 6’ length. 

The idea is simple: A fully modular SUV camping platform without the frills.

But how easy is it to set up? Let’s get into that next. 

BlitzBed Sleeping Platform Installation

I’ll spare you the unboxing. While opening a package is exciting for me, I know that you will get more out of actually setting up and using it. 

In short, the Blitz comes in 2 boxes for the double. You can order just the one platform for solo camping, but I don’t think my wife would have approved of being left to sleep on the floor. 

Or the more likely scenario of me sleeping outside. 

So I was eager to set up both beds that TrunkMate had sent. 

One Person Setup

The first thing that I wanted to figure out is whether or not a single person could install the bed by themselves. And that is a definite yes. 

Each side of the BlitzBed weighs between 18-22 lbs (depending on the width), so it isn’t too much of a load for most adults. In fact, it is about the size and weight of most carry-on luggage.

Each kit comes with a QR code to scan for instructions. Grant has some videos to go along with them, which I found super helpful. 

Here are the basics:

  • Lay the back seats down. This should be pretty common sense, but I want to be thorough. 
  • Adjust the height of the bed. 
  • Repeat for side 2
  • Attach both beds with the included bolts
  • Extend the bed rails
  • Open the deck
  • Make your bed
  • Lie in it. Like I said, I aim to be thorough

Let’s walk through each of these steps. I will point out some tips along the way and things to watch out for. 

Lay The Back Seats Down

In case you haven’t done this, you may need to read your owner’s manual. In most cases, the concept is pretty similar. For some vehicles you may have to remove the headrests before laying the seat down. 

In our case, our Honda Pilot seats lay down easily enough with the headrests in place. 

Adjust the Height of the Bed

Adjustable height for the legs

Don’t worry, this doesn’t require any tools. Actually, I find the simplicity of this inspiring. Each bed comes with a set of “legs” with adjustment slots. 

Ideally, your bed will be perfectly flat. Or at least nearly flat when you set it up. 

Simply pull the pin to release the first leg, hold the bed to the desired height, and reinsert the pin. 

I found this to be a little easier said than done. At least on my first try. But once you have the height that you want, it’s easy enough to copy for each of the legs. 

Just note that the legs closer to the rear will likely be a little higher than the front legs. Each SUV is different, but there is usually a slight slope to the cargo area that will require some geometry to figure out. 

But since I’m not that smart, I just held the bed up until it looked right and set the peg. 

Once I had 1 front leg and 1 back leg adjusted to height, I just repeated it for the other side. Then I matched the heights on the other bed. 

Keep in mind that the bed is still folded. So it will be about 1-½” shorter once the bed is unfolded. 

Repeat for Side 2

Since the cargo bed will be getting cramped, I suggest adjusting the legs outside of the car. Turning the bed upside down was a little easier to see what I was doing. 

Attach Both Beds With the Included Bolts

carriage bolt for two blitz beds
The updated version of the BlitzBed will be about 1″ taller with a 1-1/2″ extra height adjustment

This isn’t that difficult to figure out, but it’s probably the most tricky part of the setup. 

You will notice in the sample installation video that they are using wing nuts to tighten the two sides together. This is the updated version, which simplifies this part considerably. No tools required since you can tighten wing nuts by hand.

But mine came with regular nuts instead. I wondered why until I went to bolt the two beds together. 

It may have just been because of the size of bed that we have, but there was some framing that came very close to contacting the nuts. Which explained why we weren’t using wing nuts since they wouldn’t have fit. 

Even without the wing nuts, I did find the fit a bit too tight for even a socket to fit. 

Tight spot for the nut

This is a minor issue all things considered. We’re not building a bridge after all. So it just needs to be snug. 

In fact, I wonder how necessary it is to bolt them together. 

The fit was snug enough that I don’t think they were going anywhere. I may have to try that in the next setup. 

Extend the Red Rails

Extending the modular bedrails

This is a really cool feature that I love about the BlitzBed. There is an aluminum frame that slides in and out of the platform to give the lightest framing possible, while still providing great support. 

It is held closed by a strap that has a button snap. Simply unsnap the button and pull the frame out. 

Hook and block support for the back of the seat

Then you have a bracket set to hook over the seat. This keeps the bed level while keeping the weight distributed across the seat back. Pretty ingenious. 

These brackets do just sit there, so if you make any adjustments they may slide around a bit. I just double checked these before finishing the setup.

Open the Deck

opening the modular platform in the SUV

At this point it is time to open the bed boards (decking) of the BlitzBed. It simply a series of slatted boards that are hinged together. You just have to open them up and set them on top of the aluminum bed frame. 

I did find the fit a bit tight on the back end of my pilot. As I opened the deck, it was rubbing the plastic molding around the cargo door. This is more due to the shape of the opening than the size of the bed.

It was simple enough to slide the bed forward when unfolding. After that, it fits perfectly in the space.

Sticking point when opening the deck module

This isn’t a big deal, but I want to point this out as something to be aware of. You just have to slide the base into toward the front to get the hinge past the stopping point. 

After that, the deck just lays on the frame and you now have a fully assembled BlitzBed. 

Make Your Bed

Blitz Bed with camping pad and sleeping bag

We like to use a little insulation. We use the same self-inflating Therma-Rest mattresses for backpacking, camping, glamping, and even with the TrunkMate. 

While the SUV has better insulation than a tent, you are still elevated and the nights can get cold. 

Plus having a little cushioning makes it that much more comfortable. 

At a minimum we will use our sleeping bags. But on a cold night we might use a heavy blanket underneath and a top quilt over the sleeping bags. 

These are some of the luxuries you can afford when car camping. So I say go for whatever makes you comfy and cozy.

Lie In It

I’m not going to beleaguer this point. But after all, this isn’t just a pretty bed for gawking at! Get ready for one of the best night’s sleep in your newly converted SUV/Rv!


The BlitzBed comes with 3 finish options:

  • Unfinished – Choose your own finish. You can paint it yourself or seal it to keep the natural look
  • Clear/Natural – Sealed with a clear coat to preserve the natural look while adding protection from moisture and scuffing.
  • Dark Walnut finish – Stained and sealed for a richer finish with the added protection from the sealer. 

The single Blitz Bed comes in 3 widths:

  • 16” (18 lbs)
  • 20″ (20 lbs)
  • 24″ (22 lbs)

The double bed is any combination of the widths above. So you can have two 16” beds for a 32” wide double. Or a 16” and a 24” for a 40” wide bed. All the way to two 24” for a 48” double bed. 

Adjustable Bed Support

You can choose to upgrade from the hook and bar bed support to a bed support with adjustable height. 

Who is the BlitzBed for?

Both beds fully set up

The BlitzBed is perfect for anyone that loves car camping or road trips. It provides a comfortable, modular bed option that takes up minimal space when not in use. 

It is lightweight and easy to install. So it doesn’t take a lot of muscle to carry or move around. And it doesn’t require any tools or carpentry skills to set up or dismantle.

In fact, we found that we could organize our cargo space much more efficiently by storing small items underneath while providing a flat surface for the rest of our gear. 

Since it comes in so many sizes, this is perfect for a solo camper or two people. 

It is especially ideal when camping in bad weather. From freezing temperatures to blowing wind. Rain or snow. Even thunderstorms are way more comfortable in the back of our SUV. 

And the added bonus of being a little more bear proof!

Wrap Up – BlitzBed is The Modular Suv Bed of Choice

A simple modular SUV camping platform

Overall, I really like our BlitzBed! It adds a lot of comfort and convenience to car camping without taking up much space when not in use. 

It’s lightweight and easy to assemble. The build quality is great. And it is strong and supportive. 

While it may not have all of the bells and whistles of the Elevation Bed, I think the BlitzBed is the perfect balance between quality, comfort, and convenience. 

I can highly recommend the BlitzBed if you are even considering turning your SUV into a camping oasis!

Storage room under the Blitz Bed