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The 19 Best Underquilts for Hammock Camping

The 19 Best Underquilts for Hammock Camping in 2023

Why sleep on the hard, unforgiving ground when you can lull yourself to sleep with the gentle sway of a hammock? The cold breeze nipping at your backside, that’s why. 

Laying in your hammock is comfortable when the sun is shining just right and the weather is blissfully warm, but if you want to camp overnight in your hanging bed, you’re going to need the right gear. That includes a rain tarp for unexpected rain, bug netting for pesky bugs, and of course, an underquilt for keeping warm in the cold night air. Here’s a list of good choices for an underquilt for hammock camping to get you started.

Best Overall 

Let’s start with our top pick overall. As you’ll see from all of the available options that wasn’t an easy choice. But we had to tip our hats to Eagle Nest Outfitters for their Ember underquilt. It just had the right balance of size, weight and durability that put it over the top.

1 ENO Ember UnderQuilt Hammock

Not Surprisingly, Eagle Nest Outfitters starts us off with the overall best hammock underquilt. 

In vibrant Evergreen and cool Pacific, the ENO Ember hammock camping underquilt is a solid choice for camping in the spring and fall. It keeps you warm with two layers of insulation and a durable outer shell made of 40D ripstop nylon treated with a water-repellent finish and specialized coatings.

Temperature Rating: 40-60°F

Weight: 1.63 lbs

Size: 81” x 46” 

Material: 40D Ripstop Nylon

Weather Proofing: Water and wind resistant

Pros: Insulation filling is made with 100% recycled polyester.

Cons: Not meant for colder winter weather. Designed specifically for use with ENO hammocks

2 Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Underquilt

The Wise Owl Outfitters hammock camping underquilt is a budget-friendly option for hammock campers looking to keep warm. Its insulation is high-density poly-fill, protected by an outer shell made with 20D ripstop nylon with a water-resistant coating. It should also fit most double hammocks. 

Somehow they have packed all of these features into a lightweight hammock underquilt, worth its weight even for backpackers. 

Temperature Rating: 40°F

Weight: 1.15 lbs

Size: 96” x 48”

Material: 20D Ripstop Nylon

Weather Proofing: Water Resistant Coating

Pros: Good starter option if it’s your first time trying out hammock camping. Very lightweight.

Cons: The elastic shock cords are sewn into the fabric but will wear out after regular use.

3 Ayamaya Single & Double Hammock Underquilt

When shopping for an underquilt for hammock camping, you want something that’s quick and easy to set up. This AYAMAYA hammock underquilt, made with 20D ripstop nylon and filled with imitation silk floss, is a breeze to set up and take down with the straps, cords, and carabiners included.

Temperature Rating: 20-68°F

Weight: 2.6 lbs

Size: 98” x 51”

Material: 20D Ripstop Nylon Shell; 300T Poly Fill

Weather Proofing: DWR Coating

Pros: Insulation filling is sewn in like a quilt to keep it evenly distributed, even after cleaning.

Cons: Advertised as compatible with double hammocks but may be too small. 

4 OneTigris Hideout Hammock Underquilt

Colored in Camo and Coyote Brown, the OneTigris hammock underquilt is a nice choice for keeping a low-key profile and staying warm. The exterior is made from a water-resistant ripstop nylon shell, and the 700g polyester cotton filling and polyester lining will keep you nice and comfortable. 

Temperature Rating: 41°-68°F

Weight: 2 lbs

Size: 110” x 48”

Material: 210T Terylene Shell; 300T Poly Lining; 700g Poly-Cotton Fill

Weather Proofing: Not Stated

Pros: Portable and lightweight, with a compression stuff sack for easy storage.

Cons: May feel too small for larger adults. The elastic bungee cords and carabiners can snap easily. 

5 Snugpak Hammock Cocoon

Have you ever wondered what a caterpillar feels like when it spins itself into a cocoon? Regardless of your answer to that, you’ll find out with the Snugpak hammock cocoon. Unlike other underquilts, it zips up over your hammock for a snug little nest that protects you from the elements.

Temperature Rating: 40°F (approx.)

Weight: 4.3 lbs

Size: 118” x 34” 

Material: Micro Diamond Ripstop

Weather Proofing: Water Repellant

Pros: Antibacterial fabrics make it easy to keep clean. Insulated with Snugpak’s lightweight Travelsoft filling.

Cons: Using it fully zipped up may feel claustrophobic. The ends don’t have closures to prevent you from suffocating, but they can also let in cold drafts.

6 GEERTOP Ultralight Hammock Underquilt

With its comfortable polyester pongee lining and imitation silk floss filling, the GEERTOP hammock underquilt can keep you warm on chilly nights. It fits into a small compression stuff sack and weighs roughly 1.87 lbs, so you won’t have trouble bringing it along on your camping trips. 

All in all, it’s a pretty decent 3-season underquilt. 

The temperature rating seems very specific: 41°- 68°F? 

Temperature Rating: 41°-68°F 

Weight: 1.87 lbs

Size: 98” x 53”

Material: 20D Nylon Shell; 300T Pongee Lining

Weather Proofing: Waterproof

Pros: Big enough to fit a double hammock.

Cons: The provided carabiners and bungee cords are flimsy. Some customers have reported problems with the center seam tearing or coming apart after one use. 

7 Onewind Double Hammock Underquilt

If you want a soft and silky underquilt to keep you warm and toasty, the Onewind hammock underquilt features a shell and lining made from feather-like, down-proof, ultralight nylon. It is insulated with a fluffy Dupont Sorona filling that will lock in your body heat on some of the coldest nights. 

The adjustable shock cords help to eliminate sagging and cold spots so you don’t wake up like a half-microwaved hot pocket.

Temperature Rating: 40°F

Weight: 2 lbs

Size: 83” x 52”

Material: 20D Nylon

Weather Proofing: Windproof and Water Resistant

Pros: Eco-conscious campers will appreciate the eco-friendly Dupont Sorona filling made with a plant-based polymer…Until vegans eat your stuffing.

Cons: May arrive with some manufacturing defects on the cords, wires, and snaps that will need to be fixed before use. 

How Can You Up Your Hammock Camping Game?

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8 ENO Vulcan UnderQuilt

Tired of waking up after a light rain shower to find your hammock damp to the touch? The ENO Vulcan hammock camping underquilt might just be the solution you’re looking for. With its durable, water-repellent 20D ripstop nylon shell, you’ll be warm and dry all night.

Temperature Rating: 30° – 50°F

Weight: 1.75 lbs

Size: 81” x 46”

Material: 20D Ripstop Nylon

Weather Proofing: Windproof and Water Resistant

Pros: Quilted construction keeps the Primaloft insulation filling in place and ensures maximum loft. 

Cons: Designed specifically for use with ENO hammocks.

9 Lawson Hammock Underquilt Blanket

Green on one side, grey on the other, and filled with premium 300g microfiber, the Lawson underquilt for hammock camping is a good pick for campers looking to brave colder temperatures. You’ll be protected from the elements with its water and wind-resistant urethane-coated 210T ripstop polyester shell.

Temperature Rating: Not Stated

Weight: 1.8 lbs

Size: Not Stated

Material: 210T Ripstop Polyester

Weather Proofing: Water and Wind Resistant Coating

Pros: Comes with a stuff sack for easy storage. Easily adjustable with shock cords and cord-lock closures.

Cons: On the pricier side compared to other options. 

10 ENO Blaze UnderQuilt Hammock

While most underquilts use synthetic materials for their filling, the ENO Blaze hammock underquilt uses sustainably-sourced water-resistant DownTek Down. (Which sounds like a 90’s Hip-Hop band that would have been played at every wedding.)

This creates a lighter, more breathable, and easy-to-compress underquilt you can easily fit into your bags. The shell is made with durable, water-repellent 20D ripstop nylon that offers good weather protection.

Temperature Rating: 30°- 40°F

Weight: 1.5 lbs

Size: 81” x 46”

Material: 20D Ripstop Nylon

Weather Proofing: Wind Resistant and Water Repellant

Pros: Quilted construction will keep the filling in place and ensure maximum loft. Easy to set up and store.

Cons: Make sure to keep it out of heavy rain and take care when cleaning to avoid compromising the down insulation. Designed specifically for use with ENO hammocks.

11 GRAND TRUNK 360 ThermaQuilt

If you’re a sucker for multipurpose products, you’ll definitely appreciate GRAND TRUNK’s ThermaQuilt. It’s a 3-in-1 hammock quilt that can function as an underquilt for hammock camping, a technical blanket for milder weather, and a sleeping bag when you can’t find a good place to hang up your hammock. 

Temperature Rating: 40°F

Weight: 3 lbs

Size: 80” x 64”

Material: Nylon

Weather Proofing: Not Stated

Pros: Easy to use — zip it up around your hammock to use as an underquilt, unzip it to use as a blanket, and zip it up again to use as a sleeping bag.

Cons: Not meant for use with hammocks that come with integrated bug nets.

12 Onewind Winter Camping Hammock Underquilt

Onewind takes the prize as the best underquilt for cold weather hammock camping. 

This is a camping kit bundle that includes the winter version of the Onewind Double Hammock Underquilt previously mentioned in the list. The difference is about 20°F cooler temperature rating. 

It also includes 

Temperature Rating: 20°F

Weight: 4.4 lbs

Size: 83” x 52”

Material: 20D Nylon shell; synthetic insulation

Weather Proofing: Water Resistant

Pros: Convenient bundle for getting started with hammock camping.

Cons: Currently unavailable on Amazon. You may also prefer trying several different manufacturers instead of sticking to one.

13 Easthills Outdoors Snuggler Hammock Underquilt

Available in an elegant beige/dark green, a subdued khaki/light green, and a bright orange/blue color combo, the Easthills Outdoors hammock camping underquilt gives you both top-quality performance and aesthetics. Its 20D nylon fabric shell has a DWR finish that keeps it both windproof and waterproof.

Temperature Rating: 40°F

Weight: 2.5 lbs

Size: 98” x 47”

Material: 20D Nylon

Weather Proofing: Waterproof and windproof

Pros: Easy to set up with shock cord suspension. Very lightweight.

Cons: Can be difficult to fit back into its stuff sack. 

14 Go Outfitters Stratus Under Quilt

Sleek, simple, and small, the Go Outfitters hammock underquilt is definitely your choice for an ultra-light hammock camping companion. It weighs just a little bit over 1.6 lbs when packed into its bag, but it can still keep you warm with Go Outfitters’ Stratushield insulation material. 

Temperature Rating: 40°F

Weight: 1.6 lbs

Size: 78” x 50”

Material: 15D Ripstop nylon

Weather Proofing: Not Stated

Pros: Easy to store and transport. The included compression bag is also water-resistant.

Cons: Might be smaller than comfortable for taller adults.

15 Gold Armour Hammock Underquilt

The Gold Armour hammock camping underquilt is made for durability, with 20D ripstop nylon, reinforced stitching, and a water-resistant coating, this underquilt is suited for all weather conditions. 

The insulation filling is made of soft, high-density silk cotton for a comfortable night’s sleep. It also features adjustable cords in the middle of the underquilt that allow you to adjust its size. 

Temperature Rating: 40°F

Weight: 2 lbs

Size: 92: x 48”

Material: 20D Ripstop nylon

Weather Proofing: Water Resistant Coating

Pros: Budget-friendly while still being good quality. Comes with a 5-year warranty.

Cons: Included carabiners may need to be replaced before use. 

16 UBOWAY Hammock Underquilt

The Uboway underquilt may be the best option for the hammock campers looking for a durable underquilt.

The 320D fabric is unheard of toughness for an underquilt. It’s almost as heavy-duty as corduroy, except it doesn’t make that “zipping” sound when you rub your knees together. 

It’s big enough to be used in a double hammock, and can be used as a very large blanket. Technically, I guess it qualifies as a tablecloth or a giant napkin. But I only recommend the first couple of options.

Temperature Rating: 41° – 68°F

Weight: 1.3 lbs

Size: 90 ½” x 43”

Material: 320D Ripstop nylon

Weather Proofing: Water Proof Coating

Pros: Heavy-duty outer shell and big enough for a double hammock. All of this at a very reasonable price point.

Cons: I guess it could be a little warmer. But it’s really about on par with most of the others on this list. 

17 ENO, Eagles Nest Outfitters Vesta TopQuilt

Although this is ranked at number 17, it is still a great underquilt.

Unlike the other items on this list, the ENO Vesta isn’t a hammock underquilt — instead, it’s a top quilt you can use alongside an underquilt. On cold nights, you can cozy up under the top quilt while your back is protected by an underquilt. 

Temperature Rating: 30° – 50°F

Weight: 1.8 lbs

Size: 76” x 52”

Material: 20D Ripstop nylon

Weather Proofing: Water and Wind Resistant

Pros: Soft and silky feel will keep you warm and comfortable. Very lightweight and easy to store.

Cons: On the pricier side. If you’re on a budget, it may be preferable to just use an unzipped sleeping bag.

18. Outdoor Vitals Aerie 

We wouldn’t have a complete list without including Aerie from Outdoor Vitals. It has the coldest temperature rating of all on this list and is the most versatile. 

Boasting 5 different configurations, it can be used as an underquilt or a technical blanket like several others we have listed. Additionally, it can be used as a hammock pod system.

But most importantly, you may recall that we listed this as one of our favorite hammock camping sleeping bags. You can use it as a single or zip two together to make a double sleeping bag.

The down filling makes for a lightweight, yet cozy addition to your hammock camping setup.

Temperature Rating: 0°F

Weight: 2 lbs

Size: 76” x 31”

Material: 20D Ripstop

Weather Proofing: Waterproof DWR Coating

Pros: Incredibly warm and versatile

Cons: It’s a bit on the expensive side, and some reviews cited questionable build quality.

19. G4Free Hammock Underquilt

If you are just getting started in hammock camping, there are quite a few investments you’ll need to make. Fortunately, G4Free has made the underquilt one of the least expensive items.

But you don’t have to sacrifice quality. Like most of the underquilts in this article, you have a 20D Nylon shell and 300T pongee lining. Additionally, it is filled with 500g of imitation silk floss…which may be why 8 out of 10 dentists choose G4Free underquilts.

Temperature Rating: 41°- 68°F

Weight: 2 lbs

Size: 102” x 50”


Weather Proofing: 

Pros: About the cheapest option on the list. And nice and cozy

Cons: A little bulky for backpacking

4 Things To Consider When Buying an Underquilt

  • Temperature Rating — You’ll find temperature ratings when looking at product descriptions. This is typically around 40°F for underquilts, meaning that it should keep you warm in weather as cold as 40°F. Keep in mind, however, that weather and your own body temperature can affect the accuracy of these ratings. If you know that you’re a cold sleeper or the night is going to be particularly chilly, you need an underquilt that has a lower rating. 
  • Fill Weight — This refers to the weight of the insulation filling. A higher fill weight could mean more warmth, but it also means your underquilt will be bulkier and harder to transport. The material can be made from natural sources or synthetic fill.
  • Material Quality — A sleeping bag in a tent may be protected from the elements, but a hammock camping underquilt doesn’t have the same luxury. Make sure that your underquilt is made with durable, weather-resistant materials and top-quality construction.
  • Weather Resistance — The cold air isn’t the only thing to battle when hammock camping. Be sure that you are prepared for wind and rain. Even though you will be off of the ground, damp conditions can find their way through an underquilt, completely undermining its functionality. 

Underquilts vs Sleeping Bags

If you’ve gone camping at least once in your life, you probably already own a sleeping bag. The same can’t be said for an underquilt, as it’s a bit more niche. In a pinch, you can attempt to use a sleeping bag instead of an underquilt, either by lying in it and using a sleeping pad underneath or wrapping it around the outside if you have a rectangular bag. However, it won’t give you the same warmth and comfort as an underquilt designed to be used with a hammock. Sometimes, it can be worth spending that extra penny.

Wrap Up — Best Underquilts for Hammock Camping

Hammock camping is a great way to sleep under the stars. And it can be incredibly enjoyable if you have the right gear to keep you comfortable. 

A good quality underquilt for hammock camping will keep you warm and cozy throughout the night, leaving you well-rested for another exciting day of adventure in the morning. As a bonus, they’re often lightweight and easy to transport, so you won’t have to sacrifice too much backpack space to accommodate them. 

While most of these are synthetic underquilts, a few of the brands are attempting to convert portions of the materials to more natural and sustainable levels. 

Whether you’ve never tried hammock camping before or you’re preparing to go on your 500th trip, it can’t hurt to check out some of the items on this list. You’ll never have to worry about freezing your butt off ever again.

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