The Ultimate Iceland Camping Checklist – What to Pack for Camping in Iceland

Iceland Camping Checklist

What to pack for camping in Iceland -Iceland Camping Checklist

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Iceland is a rare place that draws crowds for indulgences like geothermal spas and luxury hotels while also appealing to the nomads and drifters that ply the trails.  

Somewhere between the two is a more intimate way to explore this gem, without sacrificing amenities like hot showers or a kitchen.

If you have ever wanted to take a camping tour of Iceland, you want to be prepared. 

After all, you are probably flying and limited on space. But you also don’t want to be unprepared in the event of weather, which happens quite frequently in Iceland. 

So if you are asking what to pack for camping in Iceland, you have come to the right place. We took our nephew on a 10 day tour around ring road and sampled some of the best campgrounds in Iceland. 

In fact, you can read about them in our guide to Iceland’s best campsites. 

We managed to pack everything we needed for 3 people camping for a week and a half with only our carry-on backpacks and 1 checked bag for all of us. 

How did we do it? 

By following this handy Iceland Camping Checklist


How to Pack All of This In Your Luggage

You can fit all of this in by planning carefully. To do this, we’ll start with our backpacks. 

Think of packing what you would normally bring on a backpacking trip: Your tent, sleeping bag, change of clothes, camp stove, etc. We base that on our Wild Camping Checklist that goes into detail on our free PDF. Which you can download for free here.

Remember that you are carrying your backpack on the plane. That means no sharp objects; knives, forks, multitools all have to fit into the checked bag. 

Also, no fuel can be brought on the plane at all. But don’t worry, you can get that once you get to Reykjavik. We wrote about it in our Best Campsites in Iceland post here. Go ahead and read that now. We’ll wait….

Back already? Ok, we’ll keep going. 

The best part of packing your backpack this way is you will be ready to camp as soon as you land. 

That means you’re not messing around with repacking to fit everything into the rental car. Just toss it in the trunk (boot for our international readers) and get on the road!

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