Wilderness Systems ATAK 140 – Review

Wilderness Systems ATAK 140

Great fishing kayaks should meet the demands of any angler looking for the best fishing kayak for all marine environments. The Wilderness Systems ATAK 140 is one of the greatest, because it meets the needs of any kayak fisherman in a big way. 

An image of the Wilderness Systems ATAK 140
Wilderness Systems ATAK 140

The functionality of your wilderness kayak is the cream of the crop. It has great features, unmatched stability and endless storage opportunities in a low profile design. Its open design, coupled with the length of the craft, provide the perfect solution for any type of fishing, including fly fishing.  

The sleek hull keeps the kayak nimble and quick. Meanwhile, custom mounting options allow easy access for all your gear and accessories. Moreover, the wind-shielding design will keep serious anglers on the water for a full day of fishing. 

Wilderness Systems really did succeed in creating an Advanced Tactical Angling Kayak (ATAK). 


  • Maximum Weight Limit: 550lbs
  • Kayak Weight: 95lbs
  • Length: 14’1″
  • Width: 34″
  • Price: $1649


  • The AirPro MAX seat is second to none in comfort and adjustability. The seat is noted as being one of the most comfortable seats available in a kayak. 
  • A suspension system in the seat.
  • The seat adjusts to a high, low, or reclined position depending on your size and stability needs.
  • A customizable storage area in the front of the kayak that can be quickly reconfigured to accommodate gear and accessories needed.
  • The sides and rear of the kayak  have a SlideTrax accessory System that is customizable.
  • The front and rear storage areas of the kayak have a versatile storage system.
  • The center console is also customizable with the ability to have the Flex Pod OS electronic console in conjunction with the Helix HDTM Motor Drive system. This system mounts in the middle of the kayak just in front of the center console.
  • The kayak has larger padded foot rests that are easy to adjust and lock in place, making it perfect for fishermen of all sizes.
  • There are extra storage areas for tools, tackle or beverages while spending a long day on the water.
  • Fish finder mount

Important Feature Details

Kayak Propulsion System

The kayak comes standard in a paddle driven configuration. You can upgrade your kayak to be motor driven with the  Helix MDTM Motor Drive, for an additional charge.

Keepers XL foot brace system provides large comfortable footrests. These footrests are easy to adjust. Once adjusted, lock them in the perfect position for comfortable, efficient paddling. 

This all happens with the Flex Pod OS Removable Center Console. The console is located at the front of the seat. It can be used as a small storage area with a midship hatch. Or, upgrade it to the Flex Pod OS Electronics Console.

The electric console system mounts your fish finder, battery and transducer. All in one removable pod.

An image of the Helix MD Motor Drive
Helix MD Motor Drive

This console is also where the Helix MDTM Motor Drive can be installed. This drive is not a normal trolling motor. Instead, it’s a uniquely designed system made specifically to drive a kayak. It’s powered with a Torqeedo lithium battery and designed to be energy efficient.

A Stable Hull Design 

The broad hull design was engineered to be sleek and stealthy. Additionally, a low-profile wind-shielding hull will help you stay on the water longer. 

The deck of your kayak is layered with a premium MarineMat product. This decking provides fantastic slip resistance and comfort while dampening noise. 

Lots of Gear Storage

There are plenty of internal storage areas that are perfectly placed to maximize ease of access.

The front hatch at the bow protects a large storage area by shedding water. Also,the top of the hatch has a convenient paddle park to quickly stow your paddle. 

Directly behind the seat is an open storage area that has rigid security bars and bungee cords to keep your gear safely in place. 

Additionally, a rectangular stern hatch behind the deck adds more space for extra rod storage or other gear. This hatch has a removable cover with bungee cords and an accessory track mounted on top.  

An image of two Wilderness Systems A.T.A.K 140 Geared Up
Wilderness Systems A.T.A.K 140 Geared Up

Industry Leading Seat

The ATAK 140 features the next evolution in kayak seating. This is done with the AirPro MAX seating system. This seating system provides superior comfort and easy installation. 

The seat can be set in a low position for cruising and a high position for greater visibility. Additionally, a reclined position adds another level of comfort for a smooth Wilderness Systems ride. 

This patented suspension style seat provides all day comfort. Meanwhile, the honeycomb-mesh material keeps it dry and cool.

An image of the AirPro MAX Seat
AirPro MAX Seat

Easy to Use Accessory System

The sides and rear of the kayak have a SlideTrax accessory System. The slide tracks allow for adding fishing rod holders, cup holders or other accessories to fit your needs.

Additionally, there are stern mounting plates to add a rudder system. This system provides control and maneuverability when using an alternative drive system. 


  • Highly customizable
  • Stable platform for standing
  • Lots of storage
  • Optional motor drive capable
  • 4 color choices to customize the look of your boat
  • A rigid carry handle at the front and rear
  • Additional side handles
  • Marine decking


  • Limited availability


Wilderness Systems created a great midrange kayak with the A.T.A.K. 140. When looking for the right choice of fishing kayaks, it’s definitely worth checking out. 

Additionally, check out the A.T.A.K 120. It’s a more compact version of the A.T.A.K. platform.

Click here for more information on the Wilderness Systems ATAK 140 from the Wilderness Systems website. 

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