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The 8 Best Camping Kettle and Toaster Set Options – 2023

8 Best Camping Kettle And Toaster Set Options 2023

One of the greatest luxuries of camping is having a hot beverage. Here in the United States, we start each day with coffee. It is the one constant companion however you camp.

In fact, here are 13 ways we brew coffee when camping.  

However, in other parts of the world tea and toast is the only way to start a day. So rather than a coffee pot or percolator, campers in Europe will typically search for the best camping kettle and toaster set.

Admittedly, in the UK that is much easier to find than in the US. Apparently, toast and tea are a common combination across the pond. Not so much here in the US (yet).

So finding the best camping kettle and toaster set is easy enough for our European followers. 

In fact, here is a quick top 2 choices for a camping kettle and toaster set for our UK readers: (US readers can skip to the 8 recommendations here.)

Best Camping Kettle and Toaster Set for the UK

For those in the UK that want to bring the comforts of home in the caravan or campsite, you will generally want some that are lower wattage as a first priority.

And if they have a little style to them, well that’s just a bonus.

Both of these options would fit the bill:

You can’t go wrong with either of these two if you are in the United Kingdom.

camping kettle and toaster set – top 8 in the U.S.

But what if you are in the United States? Buying a combination isn’t so easy. In fact, we only found one toaster and kettle combination on Amazon, and frankly, it didn’t rate very well. (skip to number 8 for our review.)

So the rest of these we have pieced together ourselves.

 If you are in the United States and are looking to buy quality cooking gear for toast and tea for your next camping trip, here are the eight best camping kettle and toaster set options for 2023. 

I have to be honest though. None of these are ideal. Either they are too high of wattage, too small, or poorly made. I have only made this list for those that would rather have some sort of electric option.

Here are our actual top choices for a camping kettle and toaster set:

And the perfect toaster for any situation is this one:

What we like about this combination:

  • Universal: All you need is a heat source. You can use them over the campfire, portable stove, RV stove, or backpacking.
  • Lightweight
  • Quality design

If you search for “camping kettle and toaster set” on Amazon, you will find very similar kettles and toasters. Any of them will do, but these are the ones we can recommend based on our research.

Quick Look

Now that we have stated our preferred method for heating water and cooking toast, let’s get to the list of the “best” camping kettle and toaster set in the US.

I want to apologize to anyone that is genuinely looking for a better option than what we have below. If you know of a better recommendation, please let me know.

Best Low Energy Kettle and Toaster for Camping

One of the biggest concerns when choosing appliances for an RV or campervan is the energy draw. Even when running on a generator or shore power many are capped at 30 or 50 amps. Which seems like a lot until your electric hot water tank kicks on while you’re also running a few appliances. 

So, getting a low energy kettle and toaster is a valuable investment you might want to consider. This type of kettle and toaster usually combines quick boiling functionality with minimal power consumption. 

1. UpdateClassic Portable Travel Electric Kettle and Bonsenkitchen Toaster 

We put these at the top for functionality. Clearly, they don’t match, but they are the lowest wattage combination we could find.

I promise the second set matches!

This kettle adopts a compact form that makes it easy to move around. It is capable of holding 350ml, which is about the size of regular glass. 

Its stated wattage is 300W but a little higher in reality. You also get automatic power off and overheat protection safety features but keep in mind that it is suitable only for boiling water. 

As for the Bonsenkitchen toaster, it’s a 2-slice extra-wide toaster equipped with three-function modes (defrost / reheat/cancel) and seven settings so you can determine your ideal browning level. Rated 800W, you can expect to have your delicious breakfast ready in 3 minutes. 

And because of its low wattage, you can combine it with any of the other kettles we have recommended below.

  • Pros 
    • Kettle is portable 
    • Heats water fast 
    • The toaster has three modes and seven settings 
  • Cons 
    • The boiler has higher wattage than stated 
    • The lid doesn’t screw on tight 

2. iSiLER 1.7L Electric Kettle and 2 Slice Toaster

Even though these two are not sold as a set, they can be combined in your cart for a low-voltage match…Sort of.

The kettle isn’t low wattage. But they match and I did promise a matching set. (This isn’t nearly as hard to find in other parts of the world!)

The toaster is rated at 750 watts, which is about half of the draw that most toasters draw.

As for the hot water, this elegant kettle will deliver as it features a cordless electric glass hot water boiler. 

The borate glass feels well-made and is scratch-resistant. When you turn it on, a series of blue LED lights provide illumination, making this electric kettle an eye-catcher in the kitchen. 

To address the problem of lids refusing to open, this iSiLER electric kettle sports a quick-release button that opens the lid instantly when pressed. 

As far as its boiling capacity goes, this 1500W electric kettle can boil 1.7 liters of water in 7 minutes. And you don’t have to worry about safety as the handle is 360-degree insulated by the Strix thermostat, which will turn off the appliance when the water boils or runs dry. 

  • Pros 
    • Low voltage toaster
    • Elegant and stylish 
    • Fast boiling 
    • Quick-opening lid 
    • Sturdy 
  • Cons 
    • 1500 watt kettle is an energy hog

Best Electric Camping Kettle

An electric camping kettle promises two major benefits. First, it heats water fast, which translates to a shorter waiting time. Second, it has an automatic shut-off valve that switches the kettle off when the water has come to a boil. 


For amazing camping coffee, with or without an electric kettle read our complete guide for making incredible camping coffee!

3. Dezin Electric Kettle 0.8L 

The Dezin Electric Kettle has a double-layer body made of an anti-scalding outer layer and stainless steel inner layer to provide you with more safety when using the appliance and keep it from burning.

 It packs various features, including boil-dry protection, an anti-splash lid, an auto shut-off, and more. In addition, this travel kettle can be rotated 360-degree effortlessly when you want to place it to the base. 

With its moderately compact size, this kettle will fit nicely into your suitcase, luggage, and backpack, making it an excellent option for camping trips across the country or around the world. 

  • Pros 
    • Heats fast 
    • Stylish design 
    • Double-wall construction 
    • Plenty of safety features 
  • Cons 
    • Size could be smaller 

Best Cordless Camping Kettle

Cordless camping kettles are known to use less energy and boil water fast. Plus, you won’t feel restricted to plugging it into the wall. They’re usually powered by batteries, but some are heated with induction coils. 

4. Kelly Kettle Trekker 

Designed primarily for outdoor use, the Kelly Kettle Trekker is a must-have appliance for campers, hikers, and outdoorsmen. 

It can boil and purify water in minutes regardless of the type of fuel that naturally occurs in any area, which means you don’t have to worry about carrying fuel with you when next you’re going camping. 

It works by burning anything that will give a flame. Made of stainless steel, this kettle has a 0.6 liters capacity.  

  • Pros 
    • Easy to set up and use 
    • Compact and portable 
    • Heats water fast 
    • Provides clean water in the worst conditions 
  • Cons 
    • It doesn’t boil much water at a time 

Best Camping Kettle for an Open Fire 

You don’t have to let go of the tradition of building a campfire to cook with if you don’t want to. With an open fire kettle, you can boil water on top of pretty much any heat source. 

5. Bulin 1.6L Camping Kettle 

Constructed out of hard-anodized aluminum, the Bulin Camping Kettle works great with most outdoor stoves. 

It conducts heat quickly, is corrosion-resistant, and is quite sturdy too. Its 1.6 liters capacity is perfect for 2-3 persons, and it takes just about 5 minutes to boil. 

The lid and the handle are wrapped in insulated plastic to protect your hand from heat, while the heat is designed to stay secured when pouring. 

What makes this kettle unique is that it distributes heat evenly, thanks to its bottom, which is designed with a heat exchanger. The outcome is that the Bulin Camping Kettle saves time by heating 30% faster than conventional kettles. 

  • Pros 
    • It can be hung over an open flame
    • Insulated handle and lid 
    • Super light and fast
  • Cons
    • Some customers report dripping 

Best Collapsible Camping Kettle

If you’re looking for a camping kettle that won’t take up much space and that you can move around with ease, this collapsible kettle is your best bet. 

6. Gootrades 0.7L Portable Electric Travel Kettle 

The Gootrades Electric Travel Kettle sits on a stainless steel base to satisfy serious coffee and tea enthusiasts. 

Thanks to its baby bottle silicone material and a heating plate, it can be folded to fit your travel bag. It sports a control button that you can press to adjust the temperature setting of the water. 

Plus, it is capable of boiling water in 3-5 minutes. Doing that while only drawing 850 watts is pretty impressive. 

Auto shut-off and boil dry protection features are also present. 

  • Pros 
    • Only 850 watts
    • Lightweight 
    • Easy to carry around 
    • Allows for temperature adjustment 
    • Heats water to boil fast 
  • Cons 
    • No complaints 

7. Amazon Basics 1.7L Electric Kettle

Ok, so we had to include this one because you will likely be steered towards it on other sites. And while it looks good, it rates very low.

Let me be clear: We don’t recommend this one! There are plenty of better options on this list. In fact, there may be better options in the local landfill.

But it is a low budget option if you are simply looking for a cheap kettle. But then again, at 1500 watts you may as well bring your kettle from home to take camping.

Unlike most electric kettles, this model is completely stainless steel except for the plastic base, which feels cheap. This 1.7 liter, 1500 watt electric kettle can boil water in under seven minutes. Expectedly, it has built-in safety features, which are essentially the auto shut-off mechanism and boil-dry protection. 

  • Pros 
    • Attractive design 
    • Very reasonable price 
    • Heats very quickly 
    • Splash-proof lid 
  • Cons 
    • High wattage
    • Low build quality 
    • Metal taste 
    • Leakage issues
    • The body of the kettle gets very hot 

8. Haden Dorset Toaster & Dorset 1.7L Electric Water Kettle 

We had to include an actual matching set since that is what some campers are looking for. While there are plenty of options for matching low wattage sets in the UK, tea and toast just hasn’t caught on as much in the US. 

If you’re looking for a matching kettle and toaster, this combo from Haden Dorset is a fantastic option to consider. However, it technically isn’t a low-wattage option like the rest of the list. At 1,500 watts you will want to be sure other major appliances aren’t running at the same time. 

On the other hand, the increased power speeds up the heating time so you won’t need to be so conscientious for very long.

The electric tea kettle can boil 1.7L of water at a time, and the base allows for a 360-degree spin to suit both left and right-handed pourers. 

It also comes with a water gauge, removable filter, and auto shut-off for maximum convenience. The accompanying 2-slice retro toaster boasts two slots that are wide enough for toast, bagels, and more. 

Right at the front of the toaster is the dial to adjust the heat to 6 different settings. 


  • The only one on our list that is a matching set
  • The boiler has a large volume of 1.7L 
  • Feature-packed 
  • Easy to use 


  • At 1500 watts, not a low power appliance 
  • Toaster toasts unevenly 

Do I need a kettle for camping?

When planning to get out and about in nature, it’s easy to take convenience such as hot water for granted. However, when camping, you need hot water for various reasons, including cleaning dirty dishes, rehydrating meals, or making camping coffee, hot chocolate, or campfire tea.

 Because hot water is such a necessity, it makes perfect sense to invest in a camping kettle so you can have instant access to hot water whenever you need it.

In reality, it is a luxury item since you can boil water over the fire in a regular pot. So, you don’t need a kettle. But it sure is a convenience.  

Do I need a toaster for camping?

Just as with a kettle, there are plenty of ways to make toast while camping.

A skillet and some butter can make some great Texas toast. You can heat it over any camp stove or over an open fire.

And for a final nifty bonus, you can get a folding camp stove toaster like this one:

Easiest ways to cook while camping

There are different ways to cook your meals around camp. This includes the use of a campfire, charcoal, stove. 

But having a camping kettle and toaster set will just make cooking breakfast a little easier. And they will have you sipping your hot camping coffee, tea, or chocolate in no time flat.

Conclusion for the best camping kettle and toaster set

Whatever plans you may have for your camping trip, rest assured that there’s a camping kettle and toaster that fits. 

With the best camping kettle and toaster set options listed above, you can enjoy your favorite hot drinks alongside a range of easy and delicious meals. 

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