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The 15 Best Portable Hammock Stands for Camping in 2022

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The best way to get away from it all and enjoy nature is with a camping trip. While you can stay in a campervan or RV loaded with amenities, many campers prefer roughing it in a basic tent. 

If you like sleeping outside and under the stars, you should consider a hammock. The best hammock stands help you set up your hammock when there aren’t any trees nearby and ensure that your hammock stays stable when you toss and turn. 

With double hammock stands, you have enough space to share with someone special. Check out the best portable hammock stands that are worth your money and suitable for any camping trip.

It’s important to note, that many of these are specified for camping. Others we have included for portability, durability, or heavy-duty use, even though they aren’t explicitly designed for camping. 

Overall Best Choice

If you want to skip all of the summaries, here is our favorite overall. The Tranquillo Hammock Stand balances the strength and durability, without weighing a ton.

While we love our ENO hammock, we just couldn’t find any of their stands that could “stand up” to the competition.

The rest of these are runners up. They each have their strengths and drawbacks, but we’re sure you’ll find the perfect portable hammock stand for camping.

1 Tranquillo Universal Collapsible Hammock Stand

Not only does this hammock work on camping trips, but it’s also a great choice for use in your backyard. 

This heavy duty stand can hold 550 pounds. It’s the ultimate stand for camping hammocks for big guys. The included carrying bag makes it easy to take the stand with you on trips. 

And the universal fit makes it suitable for different types of hammocks.

Size: 116” x 33” x 39”

Weight: 28 lbs

Weight Limit: 550 lbs


•Rubber feet reduce sliding

•Breaks down to fit in the included bag

•Holds two adults or up to 550 pounds

•Works on most surfaces


•Lacks any adjustment options

•May arrive with some flaws

2 Eno Solopod Hammock Stand

Designed to work with Eno hammocks, this portable stand is easy to assemble. It has a quick-release design that lets you set it up without using any tools. 

Steel carabiners come included with the stand to help you set it up in less time on your trip.

It’s one of the top picks if you already have an ENO hammock.

Size: 129” x 41” x 49”

Weight: 63 lbs

Weight Limit: 300 lbs


•Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

•Helps you get in a comfortable position

•Durable construction

•Holds more than 300 pounds


•Weighs more than 60 pounds

•Only works with Eno hammocks

3 Eno Nomad Hammock Stand

Eno Nomad Hammock Stand is not only great for backpackers, but anyone that wants a stable hammock stand that is easy to setup, easy to pack, and durable enough for camping.

Get the stability that you need with this hammock stand from Eno (Eagles Nest Outfitters). It uses an aluminum alloy that can stand up to all weather conditions and is easy to carry. 

This hammock stand works on the beach as well as dirt or pavement. It’s a great option for any outdoor chillventure.

The only downside is that it is currently sold out. We will update you when it is back in stock.

Size: ‎39” x 52” x 56”

Weight: 5.5 lbs

Weight Limit: 300


•Impact-resistant feet

•Very stable

•Uses durable aluminum alloy

•Doesn’t take up a lot of space in your pack


•Can only support one adult


4 Kanchimi 2 Person Hammock Stand

You’ll enjoy sleeping double in this hammock stand that accommodates two people. The hammock stand comes with a portable bag and is easy to set up. 

In addition to the stand, you also get a durable canvas hammock that fits in the stand.

Size: 116″ x 47″ x 39.5″

Weight: 35 lbs

Weight Limit: 450 lbs


•Weighs less than 35 pounds

•Includes a carrying bag

•Holds up to 450 pounds

•Easy to setup


•May bend when you sit or lay down

•Not as durable as you might expect

5 MacSports Collapsible Portable Folding Hammock

You’ll find dozens of ways to use this hammock stand, which takes only minutes to set up or break down. The carrying bag has wheels to let you easily move the stand around. 

MacSports gives you both a durable stand and a matching hammock.

Size: ​​88.75” x 26” x 40”

Weight: 32

Weight Limit: 250


•Powder coated steel frame stand

•Easy to use



•Only accommodates up to 250 pounds

•Takes up a lot of storage space

6 COLIBROX Double Hammock With Stand

This hammock stand proves that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on one. It weighs less than 30 pounds and is easy to set up at home or in the wild. 

This durable hammock stand can hold up to two adults and let you both sleep comfortably.

Size: 9’ (other dimensions not specified)

Weight: 29 lbs

Weight Limit: 400 lbs


•Lots of ways to adjust it

•Supports up to two adults

•Easy to carry

•Durable for outdoor use


•Not as large as some stands

•May feel shaky when you set it up

7 Zupapa 2 Person Steel Frame Hammock Stand

Zupapa offers this hammock stand for hammocks that measure between 9 and 14 feet long. 

The steel stand is powder-coated and resistant to rust, which makes it suitable for outdoor and indoor use. You get plastic feet that keep the stand from sliding and a carrying bag.

Size: 118” x 39” x 53”

Weight: 25 lbs

Weight Limit: 550


•Weighs only 25 pounds

•Powder coated frame

•Holds up to 55 pounds

•Low price


•Does not fit all hammocks

•Plastic feet do not work well

8 Sunnydaze 2 Person Universal Hammock Stand

This hammock stand holds up to two people and 550 pounds, making it one of the best double models. 

It is designed to fit most sized hammocks, including Brazilian and spreader bar hammocks between 9-½’’ – 14’ long.

The frame is powder-coated tubular steel to ensure that it stands up well for outdoor use. It will not rust when exposed to water or the elements.

Size: 124” x 40” x 52.5”

Weight: 33 lbs

Weight Limit: 550 lbs


•Rust resistant powder coated frame

• 550-pound weight capacity

•Included carry bag

•Compatible with most hammocks


•Can shake or wobble

•May not work with your hammock

9 Eno Triple Hammock Stand

Eno is the best hammock stand for multiple hammocks.Its unique design can hold a single hammock alone or up to three different hammocks, up to 400 pounds. 

The weatherproof design holds up to all types of outdoor elements. The hammock stand is very durable and will not wobble when you use it with multiple hammocks.

Size: 132” x 122” x 52”

Weight: 101 lbs

Weight Limit: 1200 (400 per hammock)


•Holds up to three hammocks or 400 pounds


•Durable hammock stands

•Easy to assemble


•Only works with Eno hammocks

•Very heavy

10 Zupapa 2 Person Hammock With Stand

Thanks to the affordable price tag, this hammock stand fits most budgets. It comes with both the stand and a hammock, which is available in different colors. 

The hammock stand breaks down for convenient storage in the included bag and can support up to 550 pounds.


•Available in fun colors

•Includes a hammock and stand

•Easy to set up and break down

•Holds up to 550 pounds

Size: 133” x 58” x 39.5”

Weight: 27

Weight Limit: 550


•Feels a little flimsy

•Some parts can bend

11 Lazy Daze Hammock Stand

The Lazy Daze Hammock Stand is constructed of powder coated steel tubing, making it sturdy and long lasting. 

It supports up to 450 lbs, so it can support up to 2 people. It assembles easily with spring pins that adjust to different heights depending on the terrain where it will be used. 

It’s a bit heavy for most camping scenarios at over 56 lbs. But for long-term campers with extra space, it may be worth throwing in the camping kit.

Size: 188” x 48” x 50.5”

Weight: 56.5

Weight Limit: 450 


Supports up to 450 lbs

Stable for up to 2 people


Pretty heavy for most campers

Powder-coated steel may rust when scratched

12 Vivere Universal Space-Saving Steel Hammock Stand

The Vivere Universal Hammock Stand is designed to fit Vivere hammocks. But can also be a good option for most other hammock brands. 

One plus is tha it has a smaller footprint than other stands on our list. It’s also easy to transport, thanks to the included carry bag. 

Made from powder coated steel, this stand is durable and long lasting.

Size: 108” x 42” x 41”

Weight: Not stated (30 lb est)

Weight Limit: 450 lbs


Universal for Vivere hammocks (plus some other brands)

Supports up to 450 lbs


Not as well built as others on the

Powder-coated steel isn’t the most durable for camping

13 FDW Hammock Stand with Hammock 

If you’re considering an FDW Hammock, you could get the ​​FDW Hammock stand only (listed below). But the best option is this one that comes with a hammock. 

It holds 400 lbs but weighs 8 lbs less and is about $30 cheaper. At about 14” shorter and 7” wider, it takes up less length while providing a little more stability.

All in all, it’s not a bad option when considering portability and support.


  Lighter than the stand only model

Supports up to 400 lbs


  Not the highest quality hammock

A little low off of the ground

Size: 111” x 46” x 44”

Weight: 27

Weight Limit: 400

14 Republic of Durable Goods Mock ONE Hammock Stand

This one is a unique design, so we weren’t sure about including it. Actually, it looks more like a bassinet for adults. Which sounds amazingly comfortable, if you can get over the stigmatism of sleeping in baby beds.

Overall though, it is lightweight and packable. It doesn’t take up a huge footprint. 

And even though it only holds up to 250 lbs, we think this could be a good fit for backpackers looking for a one-piece hammock camping set.

different design

Not a traditional hammock

Size: 67” x 25” x 31”

Weight: 14.5 lbs

Weight Limit: 250 


  Lightweight and packable

Small footprint


  Looks like you should be sleeping with a pacifier

Only holds 250 lbs

15 ​​FDW Hammock (Stand Only)

Although this is the same brand from #13, this is a different style of stand. If you already have a hammock, you can buy the stand only.

It does support about 40 lbs more than the kit mentioned above. But it does weigh aobut 8 lbs more and takes up a little longer footprint.

It is a little higher off of the ground, so it has that going for it. Otherwise, it’s not the best choice on the list all things considered. 

Size: 125” x 39” x 53” 

Weight: 35 lbs

Weight Limit: 440 lbs


  Lightweight and packable

Small footprint


  Looks like you should be sleeping with a pacifier

Only holds 250 lbs

Summary – Best Portable Camping Hammock Stands

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How to Choose the Best Portable Hammock Stands

Portable hammock stands let you take the fun of hammock sleeping on trips but are also suitable for home use. You’ll find tons of options when you shop online that range from simple stands to durable options. 

While some come with a hammock that fits inside the stand, other stands require that you buy a separate hammock. 

You’ll also find some models that only work with hammocks from specific brands. Many shoppers look at how much weight the stand can hold and the material used in the frame. 

Find out what to look for when you buy a new portable hammock stand.

Portable Stands for Hammocks – 3 Important Things to Consider

  • Portability – When choosing a hammock stand, always consider its overall portability. This refers to how easily you can carry the stand from one spot to another. Heavier stands are hard to carry and may require two or more adults to move them. 
  • Simplicity – You’ll also want to consider the ease of use and ease of setup. If it takes 60 minutes or longer just to put the stand together and tear it down at the end of your trip, you may find yourself leaving it at home. 
  • Durability – Take a look at the anchor points to make sure the stand is durable enough for your needs. Most metal frames are powder-coated, which keeps moisture from damaging the metal. A steel frame can often hold more weight than an aluminum alloy frame can. On the other hand, aluminum alloy frames are lighter and easier to carry.
  • Weight limit – Don’t forget about the weight capacity either. Many hammock frames are for just one person. They can usually accommodate up to 220 to 250 pounds. Double stands are suitable for two people and have a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds or more.

Hammock Stands vs. Tree Mounting

Hammock stands are easier to use and more convenient than tree mounting methods. 

With tree mounting, you need to make sure that you have large and sturdy trees. They also need to be close enough together to support the hammock and your body weight. 

This will require that you bring some accessories or tools from home. With a hammock stand, you simply remove it from the bag and set it up before adding your hammock, which can take just 20 minutes or less.

3 Accessories to Improve Hammock Camping

Some of the top accessories that will improve your experience include a hammock rain tarp and carrying bag. 

A rain tarp (or rain fly) keeps the rain off you and allows you to sleep outside during storms. With a carrying bag, you’ll have no problem taking the stand with you. 

You can also invest in tree straps that keep the stand attached to a tree and a bug net to keep the bugs away from you. 

It’s helpful to bring a sleeping bag designed to fit a hammock.

And a special hammock camping sleeping pad for to stay warm and comfy too. (We reviewed the sleeping pads here).

Wrap Up – Best Portable Hammock Stands

Whether car camping, RV camping, beach camping, or just a simple chill spot at home, enjoy the trip of your dreams with the right portable stand. 

Hammock stands are easy to use and suitable for trips you take on your own and trips where you want to share the experience with a friend or someone special. 

Most stands use metal that can hold up to the elements without rusting or breaking down. With the right accessories, you will feel as comfortable in your hammock as you do when relaxing in bed at home. 

Whether you need a single or double hammock, check out the top 15 options on the market.   

So this summer when visiting your local State Park or road tripping to one of the 63 National Parks, bring a hammock with you. And when you don’t have trees to mount them to, bring one of these great hammock stands for the perfect campsite.